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I have been sorely missing in action for what feels like forever.

I have been so busy with school and life that sometime I forget about this little blog of books!

I just recently got a new computer which has inspired me to become more bloggy and I have been home on my Sping Break, surrounded by all of my books which also makes me giddy. 

I will try to give this blog more attention from now on because I do in fact miss the information it gives me and seeing all the other book lovers is quite lovely :)




The Blampied Edition of Peter and Wendy" 1940.
Edmund Blampied 1886-1966 
Edmund Blampied was one of the most eminent artists to come from the Channel Islands, yet he received no formal training in art until he was 16 years old. He was noted mostly for his etchings and drypoints, published at the height of the print boom in the 1920s, but was also a lithographer, caricaturist, cartoonist, book illustrator and artist in oils, watercolours, silhouettes and bronze.


actual picture of me

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Sunday morning by Anna Inghardt on Flickr.

'The explosion was tremendous, lighting up the night like the wrath of God, and it rained fire twenty blocks away.'
Stephen King, from The Running Man (via the-final-sentence)

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New favorite site: Corpus Libris, which applies the concept of analog augmented reality to book covers. Best thing since Sorted Books.

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